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Meena My Sister

My sister Meena is a beautiful 19 year old with long black hair, nice pair of boobs and a firm stomach. Since the age of 18 i've fantised about her all the time, we'd always been close and she'd used me to teach herself to kiss when we we're both of same age group I was just 1 year older to her, but nothing else had happened since then.

On one summer morning when we were both home my parents had gone on a two week holiday and there was just the two of us at home. I woke up at about 10 am and went downstairs to find my sister watching some hot movie on T.V. She was wearing a button up top and a pair of matching silk pyjama pants that drove me crazy, she wore them quite often and i just wanted to rub my penis up hard against her when she wore them. I sat on the chair beside her in a T-shirt and bermuda. We didn't say much but she had a cheeky smile on her face every time i glanced over, "what are you seeing at?" i asked, "Well" she replied,"i was going to save you the embarresment, but since you brought it up, i can see ........yours..well, you know." I looked down and noticed that there was a gap in my bermuda revealing my penis, i quickly covered it up and went quite red. " She laughed and said cheekily, "Not a bad size." i wasn't used to my sister behaving like this, but i liked it.

After a few minutes she got up to make herself a cup of tea, i looked round and saw her perfect round ass in those silky pants which i noticed were slightly wet were her pussy had been pushing against them. I was so turned on, was she wet because of me? i don't know what came over me but i decided to take a huge leap, i walked up as though i was going to the fridge, then i bent over, crept up behind her and swiftly i reached down her silk pants and started stroking my dick against her ass intensely. At first she panicked but had no time to do anything because it had all happened so quickly, then i felt her give in and start to rub her pussy against my hand, she turned around and pulled those silk pants down and i got the first view of my sisters dripping wet pussy. she pushed my face into her mound and i started lapping up her juices, she was moaning with pleasure, louder than i'd ever made a girl moan. i pushed my fingers deep inside her cunt and pushed hard. "I'm cumming", she finaly said through heavy breathes. As she came juices came flowing out of her onto the kitchen floor and i licked up what was left on her warm vagina.

Her legs we're shaking and weak, "I've never had that happen before." she said and pointed at her juices on the kitchen floor. I took her over to the kitchen table and she placed her hands down as she was having difficulty standing. I pushed up behind her, and putting my arms around her i undid the buttons on her top, she wasn't wearing a bra and i saw her perfect breasts, they we're wonderful, i squeezed them and played with them for a few minutes, then i pushed my penis through her legs from behind and she took it and placed it to the entrance of her dripping pussy. I pushed my throbbing 8" manhood into her lips, and started ****ing her, slowly at first but picking up speed. Her breasts bounced up and down as i pounded against her cunt, she was moaning, and i reached around and cupped her breasts in my hands.

After about five minutes of ****ing i wanted a better view of her round tits, i wanted to bite at her nipples. I pulled my dick out of her, spun her around and then pushed it hard back into her, we we're both beading with sweat now. i licked her nipples, then she lifted my chin and started kissing me passionatly as we ****ed. She pushed her tounge into my mouth and began wrestling with mine. "Don't, ever, stop, ****ing me" she said as i contined ramming my cock in and out between her legs. I felt her pussy tighten around my penis as she began to reach orgasm. "I'm not wearing a condom" i said through deep breaths, "I don't care, come inside me, fill me up with you warmth brother, **** me." Finally my balls tightened and i blew my load deep into her womb." I stood there inside her as we contined to make out passionatly until my dick went limp. We walked over to the sofa and sat beside each other. She rested her head on my chest and did'nt say a word. For the past year now, we've ****ed every oppertunity we get................

my sister aur main

This is my true story. Main regular pathak hoo aur mujhe issme sabhi kahaniya acchi lagti hai lekin sabse jyada acchi story mujhe behan aur bhai wali lagti hai kyoki I love my sister aur main bhi apni behnoo ko chod chuka hoo’iss liye aaj maine bhi socha ki kyo naa main bhi apni dil ki bat aap sab reader dostoo ke sath batoon. Kyoki ye aap bhi jante hai ki ye sab bataine hamare Indian samajh main galat mana jata hai aur main apne aap ko galat manta hoo lekin main bhi kya karu aab mujhe apni behano se hi pyar ho gaya to main kya kar sakta hoo.wo kahawat to aapne suni hogi ki “dil lagi dewaar se to pari kya chiz hai”yahi doston mere sath hua hai .shayad aap mari felling ko samajh paye. Ok maine aap logo ko kafi bor kar diya hounaga ab main apni story sunata hoo.My name is Rohit. Main abhi delhi main rah raha hoo. Mere ghar main mere dady and mother or 2 choti behan hai .mari umar abhi 23 sal hai aur mere se choti bahen ki umar 19 sal aur choti wali bahan ki umar karib 16 sal hai.Ye kahani karib 3 sal pahle start hui thi. Dostoan hum log sabhi ghar main sath rahte hain mare dady government employee hai aur mother teacher hai is liye wo dono roz duty chale jate hai mari badi sister ka nam namita hai aur wo abhi b.a part second main hai aur choti bahan 12th ka exam dene wali hai uska nam somya hai.Main abhi m.b.a ki taiyari karta hoo is liye ghar par hi rah kar taiyari kar raha hoo.Dosto main aaj aapko ye bataine wala hoo ki maine apni behano ko kaise chhoda.

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Little Sister Ritu

WARNING: This story contains incidences between bhai aur behan.
DONOT read any further if you are not interested in such stories.

Ritu started going to the same school as me and sort of got in my
view every now and then. I mean, she was a real little snot, you
know. Whenever she was home, she never let Mom and I out of her
sight for a moment.

Ritu's room is the last door before the kitchen, and as I moved down
the hallway, I noticed her door was open a couple of inches, and the
light was on. Out of curiosity, I stopped and looked in.

Wow! I couldn't believe it! There was my naked little kid sister
standing in front of her mirror, but the sister I used to know
wasn't there anymore. she had little curves and bumps in places she
never had when we went skinny-dipping a couple of years ago. She now
had a little curve to her butt and her hips seemed to be wider. She
was still skinny, and she was still definitely a kid, but there were
differences! Ritu was staring at herself in the mirror when I peeked
in, and therefore facing away from me. In the mirror, I could see
her from toes to forehead. Where there used to be a navel on a flat,
muscular board, there was now a gently curving little belly. Where
there was a skinny rib cage with two nipples on it, there was now a
creamy smooth plateau with two perfect little tits, each with a
strawberry tip.

Ritu leapt upright in the bed, her eyes wide with fear and guilt.
Then a look of pure hatred came over her. "Get out!" she hissed, low
but venomous.

"Get out of my room, you pervert! Get out!" She wore her nightgown.

I grinned. "I just hang around outside your window at night and take
pictures. I never would think to stand in your door... which you
NEVER close."

She stuck her chin out defiantly, which thrust her tits against her
nightgown. My cock began to twitch in my pants.

"It's my room and I can do what I want in it. You have no right to
invade my privacy."

"What privacy?", I countered. "You leave your door open like you're
inviting the whole world in. If you want privacy just shut your

She flounced off the bed. "Okay! I will, then!"

As Ritu stormed across the room, the gown parted and her pert little
tits slid into view, like two pink icecream cones with a raspberry
nipple on each. God, she was turning me on! She came to the door and
tried to close it. I jammed my foot in the frame and stuck my
shoulder through.

"Hey! Wait a minute, Sis. I'm not trying to make you mad." She
hesitated a moment and I gently pushed the door back open and came
into her room. "... and I'm not spying on you. After all, your door
was open..." I sat on the edge of her bed. "... besides, what more
could I see than what I saw tonight?"

She gave me a venomous look. "Don't you dare mention that, bhaiya!
Don't you ever mention it to anybody!"

I raised an indignant eyebrow. "Boy, for somebody who's been doing
something like that, you sure are self-righteous, Sis!"

She softened a little and came over to the bed. "Ohhh, bhaiya! You
won't tell, will you? Mom would get awfully mad." I knew Mom would
probably understand completely, but I saw my chance here.

"Shit, I won't tell, Sis," I smiled, shaking my head, "It's just
something between you and me, right?" I let that little hint sink
in. I was making myself apart of her little sex conspiracy, and Ritu
didn't have much choice but to accept me. I could tell by her long,
thoughtful look that she realized what I was doing. And I could also
tell that she didn't really mind. In fact, she seemed to be
pleased! "Besides," I added softly, "you saw as much of me as I saw
of you. And after all, I'm your big brother. You should trust me." I
laid my hand on her leg. She shuddered a little, but did nothing to
remove it. "Shit, Ritu," I added, "everybody does that. You're not
the first girl that's ever played with herself, you know." I smiled
knowingly, remembering the first time I watched Mom finger her pussy
and use that hairbrush handle of hers on herself. Although with my
hard young cock constantly available, Mom hardly needed that cold
old thing anymore. Sis sat with her eyes down for a short time. Then
she put her hand on my arm, the one that was on her thigh.

"Open your legs, Sis," I said softly. My voice was shaking. Her eyes
were tightly closed, but Ritu slowly let her thighs go limp. Her
legs were dangling over the side of the bed and had a kind of dead
weight to them, but I got them apart with a little effort. And there
she was, just as I'd fantasized at breakfast. Her panties pink and
translucent, her thighs creamy and firm, her buttocks tight beneath
her. God! I almost creamed right there. Slowly, deliciously, I let
my hand slide down between her legs.

As I slid her panties off, Ritu gave a little moan. "Don't hurt me,
bhaiya! Don't hurt me!"

"I won't, Sis! I'll be careful." It was an idle promise. I knew what
to do, alright. Shit, I'd been ****ing Mom for months. But Sis was a
virgin and I didn't really know how to avoid hurting her. In fact,
until she spoke, I hadn't even considered that it might hurt her to
be ****ed for the first time. I decided to proceed with caution so
as not to ruin her mood, OR my chances. Gently, I began to stroke
and fondle her pussy, using my whole hand. I didn't try to go inside
her cunt just yet because I knew I'd have to build up to that
slowly. Ritu began to moan a little, not in fear exactly, but in
excitement, as though she were off in the same sort of dream world
she'd been in the night I'd caught her masturbating. She twisted
back and forth on the bed a little, rocking her shoulders up and
down, up and down. The motion drew the fabric of her dress tight
across her little titties, outlining them, first one, then the
other. I could feel myself getting hard, my cock stretching
painfully inside my shorts, but I was afraid to stop stroking my
sister's pussy for fear she might make me stop. So I just tolerated
the pain and kept on with my stroking. I had my hand laid flat on
her pussy, palm down, with my fingers pointing up her belly.

Gradually, I began to rub a little harder, sliding my hand first
down between her legs, then up over her mound, pressing down with
the heel of my hand as she thrust up to meet me. I could feel the
heat and moisture building between her thighs and knew I was making
progress. Then I began to press harder with my middle finger, so
that it slid inside her slit a little way each time my hand went
down into the darkness between her thighs. She had spread her legs
pretty wide by now, and I had grabbed the nearest one with my free
hand, holding it open. That didn't seem to scare her, so I dragged
her skinny legs wider apart, simultaneously letting my probing
middle finger slide down until its tip actually entered her
cuntslit. God, what a tight, hot little ****hole she had! I couldn't
wait to get my cock in there! I could feel the wetness of her, kind
of thick and sticky, and a constriction. There seemed to be a ring
of muscle or something just inside her hole. It's her cherry, I
thought. I'm gonna be the one to bust my little sister's ****in'
cherry! Sis gave a sudden gasp as my finger sunk into her tight
cunthole a little more.

"Be careful!" Ritu whispered. "That hurts."

She was soft and willing and wet... and I just wanted to **** her!
With a single, swift motion I jabbed my finger deep into her pussy.
Ritu arched her back, dug her fingers into my wrist and screamed. It
was not too loud a scream, but it scared me shitless! I lunged on
top of her, my finger still inside her cunt, and clamped my other
hand over her mouth. She made muffled sounds and tried to push me
away. I stayed atop her, beginning to enjoy the feeling. We had
always horsed around as kids, but it was never like this! I ground
my hips and thighs against her body, humping my hard cock against
her leg, my finger still manipulating her pussy. She was twisting
and fighting and there were tears of pain and anger in her eyes, but
she wasn't really trying to get free. She was humping back at me!
She had parted her thighs completely and had pulled her knees up
until her feet were on the bed, and was lifting her skinny butt
against the push of my body and the insistent thrust of my finger in
her clinging little cunthole.

Then she bit my hand! I cursed and pulled my hand from her
mouth. "Sis! Why the **** did you do that?"

"I couldn't breathe, you dummy! Besides, you're hurting me. Take
your finger out!"

"I promise not to hurting you again, Sis" I said comfortingly. "You
really like it, don't you?"

"No! Take your finger out before I scream again."

"What if I just leave it in and don't wiggle it around too much?
Would you mind that?"

"I..I don't think so."

"Okay. How's this?"

"That feels better. But don't poke it in so hard! You hurt too much."

I started sliding my finger in and out of her cunt in a nice slow
rhythm. "Better?"

"Mmmmmm, yes. That feels all right."

"If you'll spread your legs a bit more and pull 'em up further, I
can get in and out without having to stretch you so much."

Ritu opened her thighs like she was doing the splits and drew her
knees back almost inline with her tits. Her tiny, hairless cunt
looked like a vertical mouth around my finger and it felt like the
mouth was sucking on it. God, I couldn't wait to **** her!

"Yeah. That's good, Sis." The ache between my legs was getting
intolerable. I felt that I had to do something about my bent cock or
it was going to break off. I shifted my weight off Ritu and withdrew
my finger. She gasped. "What are you doing, bhaiya?" "Nothing...
Hey! Keep your legs up!" Ritu obediently raised her knees once more,
then dropped them again as I reached for my zipper.

"Oh, no! You're not going to do it to me!" I shook my head. "Don't
worry. I'm just trying to get my cock straight. It's hard and it
hurts, all bent up like this. Look!" I pulled out my prick and
showed her how hard and red and swollen it was. Her little eyes went
wide and her mouth dropped open.

It took her a while to compose herself before she answered. "Well,
okay. But don't think you're going to sneak that thing into me! I
read in a book about that, and you're not going to make me pregnant,

I shook my head without looking up, my attention still on
straightening out my aching prick. "Course not, Sis. What would I do
if I got you pregnant? They'd throw me in jail for a thousand years,

"I guess so." "Well, I'm not about to go to jail for the rest of my
life, just for knocking my sister up." With that, I eased my hand
out of my pants and moved back on the bed. I did it casually, as
though my little problem were solved and I was getting back to the
fun and games at hand. But that wasn't how it was, not at all! While
up, I had stuffed my shorts down under my balls and had left the
button open on the top of my jeans, so that now my stiff and
throbbing cock lay up free against my belly, with nothing more than
a quick tug on my zipper needed to let it spring out, ready for
action. I lowered myself onto Ritu again with my hand palming her
cunt. I was really turned on by the sight of her pink little ass
turned up toward me like that. It was like some sort of little
surprise package opening up just for me. Her hairless little slit
looked like two fat pink lips with a tiny pink tongue peeking out
between them. She was gorgeous! I dropped my weight onto her body
and felt her spread her thighs a bit more to accommodate me. My
finger was once more sliding into her crevice, but this time she
didn't object, and this time there was no resistance. The inside of
her pussy was sticky-wet and kind of greasy. Like it had just had a
lube job. Well, I decided, no sense in wasting it.

I began to finger her more deeply, not poking as I had before, but
moving in and out with a definite rhythm, as I'd watched her doing
to herself the other night. It had seemed to arouse her then, and I
figured it would arouse her now. I was right... it did. She began to
moan under me and her hands clutched at my back restlessly, as they
had clutched at her own tits when she had masturbated. I decided
that would be a good idea too, so I began to knead her little peach-
sized titties with my free hand. That really got to her.

"Ooohhhhh yes, bhaiya! Mazza aa raha hain. Aur karo!"

"Open your gown. I can't get at you with your gown closed." Ritu
squirmed under me awkwardly and parted the fabric of her nightie. I
would have ripped it off in five seconds if it was Mom I was
restling with, she liked me to get a little rough with her
sometimes. But Ritu would probably have freaked out if I tried
anything like that with her, so I just let her do it herself.
Finally, Ritu's gown lay rumpled beneath her with only her arms
still in it, and her slim, firm body was naked under me.

"Wait a minute," I said, fumbling with my shirt.

"What are you doing?"

"Taking off my shirt. I want to feel your tits against me."

"sirf shirt, bhaiya. Pant mut utarna!"

"Right. Just the shirt." I made a big production of removing the
garment especially of getting it out of the waistband of my jeans.
What I didn't make a production over was the fact that pulled my zip
down almost halfway in the process. I was now naked to the waist,
with my prick bare down half its length, laying atop my hot and
skinny sister's totally nude body. Wow! I lay back down full length
on Ritu, the heat of her body like a perfume against my skin. My
hand in her cunt served to conceal the throbbing cock that now lay
bared above her steaming slot. There was nothing between her pussy
and my prick but that hand. And it wasn't an immovable object. It
could... and damned sure would... be moved at the first sign of
opportunity knocking! I know I'd promised her I wouldn't try to put
my prick in her, but hey... promises, are made to broke them! All's
fair in love and giving your little sister her first length of cock!
As though it were the most natural thing in the world, Ritu's mouth
drifted over mine and we kissed.

Brother and sister. But it didn't feel like anything but a girl and
boy. No strain of recrimination hung between us. It was right and
natural and beautiful. Ritu whimpered softly, deep in her throat,
and her mouth opened wide. I slid my tongue deep into her mouth. She
tasted different to Mom... kinda fresh. Yeah, that's the word. Fresh
and husky and animal, all at once. Her tongue was soft and moist and
sticky, and it felt like something I was supposed to have, all for
my own. And the things it did to my belly you wouldn't believe. It
made my muscles know, and it made me want to take her, like when I'd
jammed my finger up her cunt and hurt her a little. It made me want
to **** her, right there, right then. Apparently it had a similar
effect on Ritu. As my tongue slipped between her teeth, her body
arched up against mine and her hands clawed at my back. I could feel
the tenseness of her abdominal muscles bunched beneath her skin, as
though demanding that I do something to ease their plight. So I

With sly little movements I began to hump and wriggle on top of her,
moving my legs and body back and forth over her. I squeezed at her
tit and sucked at her tongue until she was in a little frenzy,
moaning and drawing heavy breaths beneath me. All the time, I worked
my finger back and forth, deeper and deeper, churning the inside of
her tight little cunt to a wet jelly. Carefully, I slid another
finger into her tiny hole, then another, amazed at the way it
stretched so easily to admit my fingers. She gasped and tried to
clench her thighs for an instant, then relaxed and made little
gurgling noises. Now, I had the three fingers spread a little,
feeling the hard, rubbery constriction of her cherry just inside her
slit giving and stretching each time. Ritu cried in pain each time I
stretched it, but kept her legs up and wide. I concentrated on her
erect clit, rubbing and massaging the sensitive little bud until
Ritu began to really hunch her pussy up at my hand and rotate her
ass, grinding her cuntmound against my fingers as she whimpered with

Then, I made my move! With my own breath coming hard and fast and my
mouth dry and gummy with excitement, I backed my body off a couple
of inches and let my cock slide into my palm. I let it lay there and
began easing my body back down, timing my forward movements to
coincide with the inward thrust of my fingers into my sister's slit.
On each forward thrust, I let my prick slide further and further
forward in my hand until at last, in one electric moment, I felt the
damp warmth of the outside of her cunt brush against the head of my
cock. I humped slowly in and out a couple of strokes, happy that she
didn't seem to notice my cock against her pussy yet, but worried
that she might notice it any second and leap screaming from the bed.
But I was determined to prevent the latter occurrence, at whatever
cost. And meanwhile I was going to get as far as I could before she
found out what was happening.

I spread my three fingers a little more and heard her gasp in
pain. "itna jyada nahin bhaiya! That really hurts," she said. I slid
my cock a bit further in, between my fingers and then removed them
completely leaving behind the head of my prick, now firmly wedged
into the entrance of her tiny, wet choot! For a moment she sighed
with pleasure.

Then she stiffened. "bhaiya nahin!.. bhaiya bahar nikalo apne lund

"Relax, Sis. It's not hurting you, is it?"

"That doesn't matter. You take it out of me this instant! Her gasp
had come as I began to come down with my hips and to put some weight
behind the blunt rod that parted her tight little cuntlips. It had
moved inside another inch or so and was straining against the ring
of constricting tissue inside her. Her cherry was was taut and
quivering, now, as though on the edge of tearing.

"Oh, bhaiya! Please bahar nikalo. It hurts bad. You're hurting me!"

"It won't hurt for long, Ritu", I promised, not knowing if that was
true or not, and not really caring. My cock was halfway into the
hottest, tightest little cunt I'd ever ****ed and I wasn't about to
give up now. All through her protests, Ritu kept her legs up and
drawn apart, her skinny young thighs lewdly spread. She was trying
to fend my advances off with feeble pushes of her hands and with
tossings of her head. But she had made no real moves to make me stop
at all. I realized that if she really wanted me to quit, all she had
to do was bring her legs down by sliding her ass back. I might have
been able to hold her down physically. But I couldn't have done that
and still kept my cock in her. I realized then that a whole lot of
what got called "rape" must be a real crock. So I just ignored her
cries and protests and concentrated on the hot little slot between
her legs. The heat of it was drawing me inside her like an
irresistible magnet. I bore down with my hips, grinding my pelvis
harder and harder into Ritu's body and pushing my cock with ever-
demanding force into her 18-year-old cunt.

She was serious now about trying to get me to stop. I was hurting
her for real. But I paid no heed to her pleas and demands, nor to
the fingers that were clawing my back and leaving thin, bloody weals
in the skin. I ignored the attempts to close her thighs, blocking
them with my hips. And as she tried to lower her ass and scoot out
from under under the hard, bright pain that was invading her belly,
I grabbed her ass in both hands and dragged it upward to keep her
from slipping out from under me. So, as my naked little sister cried
and writhed under me, I pulled her body upward and jammed my cock
into her cunt until there was a tearing feeling, a short, harsh cry,
and I was through. For a frightening instant, I thought that I had
really hurt her. I knew I'd busted her cherry, of course. But, in
the back of my mind, I was afraid that maybe I'd done something
serious. However that thought lasted only a second.

I was so excited at finally getting my cock inside my little
sister's virgin cunt, that even in my fear and Ritu's obvious pain,
I kept humping slowly in and out... and to my utter delight, Sis
began returning the motion! After a minute, I felt a warm trickle
between my legs and knew instinctively that it was blood. And I also
sensed, somehow, that this was all right, that things were as they
should be. So I kept pushing, driving slowly and a bit tenderly into
my 15-year-old sister's cunt. And Ritu responded. She had stopped
crying now and was just drawing deep, ragged breaths. She had laid
her head to the side, closed her eyes, and let her body go limp. Her
arms were on the bed, palms up, and her thighs slowly slowly fell
away sideways until they, too, were all but flat on the bedspread.
She was utterly, completely lost in the sensations and feelings she
was experiencing. She was in a state of total sensual abandon.

My cock was penetrating her little cunt only about halfway, but it
felt so good! Sis was as tight as a clenched fist but nice and hot
and slippery. I was in seventh heaven. The roof could have fallen in
about then and wouldn't have missed a beat. I was humping away at
full blast, trying to be careful not to hurt her too much yet still
trying to get my prick as far into her cunt as I could, just as fast
as I could. I thrust and jammed until I was all the way into the
vice-like grip of Ritu's hot, wet hole. She was so tight, it almost
made me shoot off straight away, but months of ****ing Mom had
taught me how to control my orgasms a bit better than the average
seventeeen-year-old, and I managed to hold off, while still giving
Sis the hot ****ing she so obviously desired. I lowered my mouth to
Ritu's little tit and began to suck hungrily at her nipple. She
moaned loudly, but with pleasure this time. I felt her hands come
back up and caress me, one on my scratched back and one on the back
of my head. I began to suck a little harder and to bite at the hard
little nipple just a bit. I could tell that she really loved it
because her grip on my hair was tighter and her thighs began to
twitch. I knew she was responding to her instinct the same as I was,
but it excited me immensely to know that she was really beginning to
enjoy her very first ****.

As I pounded harder and harder, Ritu responded in kind, lifting her
hips up at me each time I lunged into her, grinding her cuntmound
hard against the base of my thick cockshaft. I slid my hands off her
ass and down her thighs until I could raise them again to their
original position, butt high and knees against her body. This slid
my mouth off her nipple and up to her neck, and she turned her own
lips down to meet mine, so that we were locked into one another, lip
to lip and cock to cunt. I loved ****ing like this with Mom, and now
I was doing it to my snotty little sister, except she wasn't snotty
anymore, she was a sexy little nymph who couldn't get enough of my
cock! Ritu lowered her own hands from my head and back and slid them
over my ass. I almost creamed on the spot when grabbed a handful of
each of my cheeks and began to knead the hard muscle beneath them.
She was actually pulling my hips forward as I ****ed her, grinding
her juice-filled little cunt up against my deeply imbeded prick and
moaning like a pro. It was hard to believe that she'd never done it
before. She was a natural!

"Uhhhhh, yeahhhh, sis!" I grunted, "I'm ****ing you, Sis! I'm
****ing your hot, little cunt!"

"MMMmmmmm! I love it!", moaned ritu, "chodo bhaiya chodo!" And that
was all I could take. Everything went red with a heat of lust. I
pounded into her savagely, feeling her body flatten beneath each
brutal thrust. I jammed it on until nothing existed in my world . I
****ed and ****ed while the male juices swelled my nuts. I gripped
Sis by the thighs with force enough to leave bruises for weeks,
though that didn't matter to me at all just then. I sobbed and
gritted my teeth at the need and the drive of it all. Sweat and
saliva mingled on the bed beneath us and my-own juices mixed with my
sister's until we flowed one into the other in a moment of hot
incestuous passion. And in an achingly sweet final instant, I came
into Ritu in all the gushes and rivers of young male potency. My
sperm flowed like a river of fire, filling her tiny, bulging cunt
and spilling down the crack of her pert little ass. I came and came
and came.

Then, faintly, faintly, I heard a small sound. I opened my eyes and
looked across Ritu's restive face. There, in the doorway, which I
too, had forgotten to close, stood Mom, and she was smiling!

Mai Aur Meri Saheliya

Ye tab ki baat hai jab mai college me padti thi. Vaise college me meri do [two] aur saheli thi jo ki meri tarah mast aur ekdam top yani ki fatakdi thi [ye "maal" ka gujarati word hai]. Meri ek saheli hostel me raheti thi aur jab bhi mauka mile hum tino sath milke uske room par ....... vo karte the [samje na aap sab?]....... Ab mai aap ko meri college me hamari ek din ki special masti ki kahani sunati hu. To chalo Ladke log apna apna "VO" nikalo aur kahani padte padte USE sahelate jao. Aur Ladkiya bhi apni nichewali "VO" ko masti se sahelana shuru kardo.

Ha to dosto, vaise hum tino hi jab bate karti thi, to usme khas kar gandi bhasha ka use karti thi aur man chahe vo sab galia bhi bolti thi. Sab ki sab tino hi dirty words ka aaram se istemaal karti....... samje na..... ?????? jaise Lund, Bhos, ****, Lodi, Chod, Ball, Dhayla, Ditdiya [Nipples], Gand, Lodo Ghusad, Ghali de, Ghusedi de, Chodi kadh, Benchodi, Bhosdini, *********ini etc etc.

Ek bar Saturday ko hum tino meri saheli ke room me masti karte the. Tab meri saheli Kavi ko ekdam idea aaya.

Vo boli : Yaar kal Sunday ko 3 bajeke show me benchod picture jate hai. Hum tino hi benchod jeans aur top pahenenge.

Julie boli : Ek chiz karte hai, bhosdini kal picture me hum panty aur bra nahi pahenenge... . benchod maza aajayega.

Maine kaha : are ********* sali vaha sab dekhenge.. nahi yaar.

To Julie boli : Benchod hum ko kya, lekin aise picture me jayenge jaha bahut kam public ho.

Fir kya dusre din Sunday ko ek Faltu film me ghus gaye aur corner ki tin seats par jam gaye. Hame to vaise hi picture nahi dekhni thi. Vo din Julie ne itna mast tight top pahena tha ki do buttons ke bichme se bhi uske tane hue mummey yani balls dikhte the. Meri bhi to vahi halat thi.......bra ke bina mere nipples ekdam tight ho gaye the. Mai batadu - Julie ke balls 34, mere 32 aur Kavi ke bhi 32 ke balls the. Tino hi aaj bahut excited thi. Lights off hui to turant hi Kavi ne mere top par hath rakha aur mere mummey sahelane lagi. Maine time waste nahi kiya aur meri apni pent ki zip hi khol dee.....panty to thi nahi......isi liye sidhi meri Bhos ko hath se sahelane lagi. Bhos ko masalti thi aur Kavi mere balls ko dabati thi. Julie ne top ka button khol ke uska kadak ball mere hath me de diya....

Julie boli: Le ********* daba ise.......sali hath se bhos chod aur mere ball ki bhi maa chod de....

Maine bola : bhosdiki ungali ghusa de na mere bhosde me , ab der na kar......

Kavi ne kya kiya malum? Vo uth ke hamare bich hi niche baith gayi aur Julie ki Zip bhi khol dee aur do hath se hum dono ki Bhos ko masalne lagi. Hum dono ne bhi uske balls ko pakad ke dabaye. Ab Kavi dono Bhos me ungali dal ke chod rahi thi.

Maine kaha : teri maa ki **** re.....chod chod. Ghusa de andar tak mere bhosde me. Sali teri bahen ki lodi chode.

Julie bhi kahene lagi: hi re bhosdini ********* chod de re .... chod re meri ****.....**** maar de re

Fir Kavi khadi ho gayi aur usne to pent hi utar diya. Kya batau.... sali ki choot ekdam gili thi......bas tin unaglia dal ke maine use chod diya. Kavi boli: bhos chodini meri **** maar do....jor jor se chod na sali lodini.

Chod chod ke hum tino ki Bhos tin char bar zhad gayi. Fir picture ko chhod Julie ke room par gaye aur ekdam nange ho kar firse chodamchod ki.

my lovely sister sonal

i am ADI i am 25 years old, 5.11” Height, 80 kgs Weight, and ab me baki
>sub Hindi me batata hu meri sister ka name SONAL he or wo 22 saal ki he
>uska figer 36 26 33 he uska rang bahut gora he like karishma kapoor
>hum dono vese to panjab se he lakin abhi hum bombay me rahte he humare mom
>dad 5 saal pahle ek car excidant me chalbase jab me sirf 20 saal ka tha or
>hamara bussiness bahut bada tha use sambhalne ki jimedari mere or mere
>chacha per aa ge lakin mene himat nahi hari or mene 12th tak hi padae ki or
>meri sister ko padaya or bada kiya kyo ki jab mom dad chale gaye the tab vo
>sirf 17 saal ki thi .abhi me apni story batata hu agar aap ko kuch bhi
>puchna ho to muje adilovesonu id per mujse puch sakte he ye baat 3 saal
>pahle ki hejab hum panjab me hi the hum bombay last 6 month se hi he.
>me meri sister ko bahut pyar karta tha karta hu or karta rahuga ek din jab
>me office se gher aaya to meri nokrani ne door open kiya mene usse puch ki
>SONAL kaha he tab usne kaha beby room me he tab me uske room ki traf gay to
>dekha ki wo apne kapde nikal kar ek rubber ke koi cheej apne guptag me dal
>rahi thi or me dekha kar awak rah gaya or me niche chala gaya lakin SONAL
>ne muje dekha liya tha or usne kapde pahne ko loye uthi lakintba tak me
>chala gaya tha or bad me Raat ko vo mere liye Doodh lekar aaetabhi mene use
>dekha lakin vo mujse najre nichi karke khadi thi tabhi mene tea le li or
>usse kaha SONAL BEHANA betho yaha tabhi vo bethi or mujse Sorry bolne lagi
>tab mene kaha mere kuch sawalo ka jawab dogi usne kuch nahi kaha me samj
>gaya wo jarur degi or mene usse sawal kiya.”TUMNE KITNI BAR SEX KARWAYA HE
>:OR KISKIS KE SATH” tabhi wo boli BHAIYA mene kisi bhi ladke ke sath sex
>nahi kiya he mene kaha to kya ladki ke sath kiya he ye sub kya tha .tab
>usne kaha meri Friend PINKY ne
> muje ek bar ye sub ganda kam karwaya tha or ye 3 time he dusri bar mene
>kudh kiya tha mene usse kaha dearlin tumese karto ho wo bhi door open karke
>acha bolo PINKY ne kya kiya tha sarmana mar mujo Apna Dost Samj kar bolo
>lakin wo kuch time nahi boli tab mene use pakad kar najdik kiya or uske
>chare ko apne hand se uper kiya or puch tabhi usne kaha usne muje NAGA kiya
>or meri usko chatne lagi badme mene bhi uski chati or hamne apni
>chati(BOOBS) ko dabaya or is rubber ko ander dalkar bahut der tak hilate
>rahe tabhi kuch gram pani nikla meri usmene. me chup chap sun raha tha or
>bad me mene usse kaha uski ka name kya he tab SONAL ne kaha BHAIYA muje
>saram aati he tabhi mene use or pakad karapne se sata diya or use pyar se
>kaha tumne kabhi ladke se nahi karwaya tab wo boli nahi BHAIYA mene usse
>kaha is Rubber se maja aatan he tabhi wo jat se boli ha lakin bad me sarma
>gae. or mene usse kaha LADKE ka dekha he tab usne kaha nahi BHAIYA .mene
>kaha dekogi or vo kuch nahi boli tabhi mene apni
> paint nikal di or sirf underwere me aa gaya
>tabhi usne dekha or kaha ye kya kar rahe ho bhaiya mene kaha meri BEHANA
>JAWAN ho ge he or usne abhi tak Jawan Ladke ko NUDE nahi dekha use dikha
>raha hu Tab usne kaha lakin BHAIYA me aap ko NUDE kese dekha sakti hu me
>aap ki BEHAN hu tabhi mene kaha jo bhi muje dekhegi wo kisn kisi ki BEHAN
>hogi phir tu kyo nahi dekha sakti or mene apna Shirt bhi nikal diya or usse
>kaha ab bol use kya kahte he tabhi wo bhi todi Free ho gae or usne kaha ise
>CHOOT kahte he tba mene kaha mere isko tabhi usne kaha PINKY bol rahi thi
>ki ladko ke usko LAND kahte he to mene kaha PINKY ne kisi ka dekha he tab
>SONAL boli ha usene ek ladke se karwaya he bahut bar or mujse bhi bola ki
>karwale maja aaega tab mene kaha to tumne kyo nahi karwaya tabhi SONAL bolo
>nahi bhaiya muje aap se dar lag raha tha mene kaha agar mere se nahi darti
>to kya usse karwa leti tab usne kaha kya BHAIYA aap bhi or meri gidi me sar
>rak diya or sarmane lagi use ye bhi malum nahi raha ki me sir underwere me
>hu use tabhi malum pada jab
> mera land khada hue or uske MOUTH me takraya tabhi wo apna sir hae or
>muje dekne lagi tba mene usse kaha ab tere ko tere BHAIYA se darne ki or
>dusre ladke se karvane ki koi jarurat nahi. tbahi wo boli to kya meri sadi
>kar daloge agar mom hoti to abhi meri sadi nahi karwati abhi to use gaye 2
>saal hi hue he or muje 19 .
>Tab mene kaha kaha ki soch li meri PYARI BEHAN DARLING ne abhi to tum choti
>ho muje to malumhi nahi or mene uske BOOBS ko hath lagaya or vo Piche hat
>gae lakin mere hath me uska NIGHT GROUN aa gaya or mene use kich liya or
>BOOBs dabaya tabhi uske APPROX 32 ke hoge or mene kaha ye to jawan he
>dearling ab niche dekna padega ki tum choti hoya badi or wo boli Bhaiya ye
>sub hum kese kar sakte he tab mene kaha jab tum dusre se karwaegi to mujme
>kya problam he lakin aap mere BHAI ho tabhi mene kaha thik he mehi tumse
>SADI kar leta hu ok or usse apni hasi nahi ruki lakin tab tak mene uske
>BOOBS ko dabana suru kar diya tha or usme bhi sex chadh rha tha tabhi wo
>ME NAHI TO PACHTANA PADEGA “ or mene usse kiss karne laga or uski Night
>Groun Ko uper uthya or niche behta gaya or uski panti ki sugandh mere nak
>me aane lagi jese kisi sent ko ho or tabhiu usne apni **** ko mere MOUTH ke
>pass laya or mene usko uper se kata or
> uski Panty nikalne laga phir uski **** ko chatna sury kiya tabhi wo boli
>TO ME MAR JAUGI PLEASE TUMHE MERI KASAM “ or mene use litaya or apna
>underwere nikala or apna land jo 8” Long 11/2” mota he wo mene uski ****
>me muh per rakha diya or dhire se under dalne ki koshis ki lakin wo chilane
>lagi”oh bhaiya muje drad hota he muje nahi chodwana pleas nikalo nahi to me
>mar jaugi”tabhi mene ek oil ki botel li or lagbhag ½ bottel uski **** per
>dal kar malish karne laha tabhi.
>Phir mene apna land kab uski **** per lagaya use malum hi nahi pada or ek
>jor se dhaka diya ki mera ½ land uski gori **** me gush gya or wo ek dam
>jor se chilae tabhi mene apna muh uske muh per rakha ka ruski awaj ko daba
>diya or kiss karne laga tabhi mere hath uske boob per gaye or use dabane
>laga phir use maja aane laga or boli”bhaiya ab maja aa raha he dalo ander
>ab nahi chilaugi or mene useko jor se dhaka diya lakin mera muh uske hoto
>se chipka hua tha or use kiss kar raha tha taki wo chikh nahi pae or thire
>thire use bhi maja aane laga or ab wo bhi jor jor se chudwane lagi tabhi
>mera pani ane wala tha ki mene uski **** se apna land baher nikala or uske
>muh ki traf gay or apna land uske muh per rakh kar kaha “meri jaan le ab
>meva lele ander maja aaega “ usne pni muh me lene ko muh kola hi tha ki
>meri pichkari nikli or uske muh ki jaga per pure face per gir gaya or me
>khallas ho gay tabhi usne 1st time mere lan ko muh me liya or chusne lagi
>or meri traf dekne lagi ki jese koi
> callgirl dekti hotab mene kaha”SONAL DEARLIN maja aaya ya nahi kesa laga
>apne Bhaiya ka land “ or wo pyar se mera lan ko kiss ki or kaha”BHAIYA RAJA
>ab to rooj yehi land chahie mujse ab nahi raha jaega ab to gher me PATI
>PATNI or Beher BHAI BEHAN “phir hum hasne lage us raat ke bad lagbhag hum
>dono roj chodne lage jab bhi vo time me hoti to uske Mouth me hi pani
>nikldeta lakin kisi bhi din hum ne pani nahi nikal esa nahi hua ha jan me
>out of city hota to jarur hua hoga lakin bahut kam esa hota tha.
>Kyo ki hamare chacha hi out of station jate the lakin ek din SONAL ne kaha
>“Bhaiya muje lagta he kuch problam ho gae he kyo ki muje monthly nahi hue
>he bahut din uper ho gaye he” tabhi mene dusre din Delhi ka Program banaya
>or hum dono sathme gaye or chack karaya to malum pada she is Pragneet or
>humne vahi clean karaya or 4 din bad vapish lote tabhi Sonal Ki Friend
>Pinky Ko malum pad gaya ko kuch to he or usne jor dekar bataya to SOANL ne
>use bata diya or PINKY ne uchal kar kaha”wow SONAL tuje to maja hi maja he
>mene to abhi tak dusro se karaya lakin tu to tere BHAI se hi karwali ab to
>muje Bhi apne BHAI ko tray karna padega” Tab SONAL ne kaha “Ek kam kar muje
>bhi tera Bhai pasand he tu BHAIYA se karvale or me tere BHAI se bol “ Tab
>PINKY nekaha lakin ready kese karege tab SONAL ne kaha pahle tu to BHAIYA
>se karvale me use samjaugi” or Ek Din Mene PINKY ki dopaher me apne hi gher
>per SONAL ke samne chod dala wese PINKY ka seal tuta hua tha lakin maja
>aaya . or Phir Ek din SONAL ne
> kaha “BHAIYA ab kitne din hum ese hi karte rahe ge ab aap sadi kar lo or
>bad me meri bhi kyo ki ab logo ko malum pada to kya kahege” Mene kaha “tum
>thik kahti ho lakin muje tere siyay koi ladki pasand nahi aati kese karu ha
>tuje Koi ladka pasand he to bol tabhi wo boli jo muje pasand he usse meri
>SADI nahi ho sakti “ mene kaha bol DEAR DARLING kon he wo.
>Tabhi wo mere pass aae or muje kiss kiya or kaha wo he mera pyare ADITYA
>BHAIYA RAJA bolo karouge sadi “mene kaha kese ho sakta he ye tab SONAL ne
>kaha muje malumhe bhaiya lakin me is duniya me tum se jayada kisi ko pyar
>nahi karti . tabhi mene usse kaha thik he raat bahut ho gae he so ja or wo
>mujse lipat kar so gae . me sochta raha ki kya me SONAL se sadi karke use
>apni biwi bana sakta hu Phir subah me mene SONAL se kaha Ek bat kahu”usne
>kaha ha Bhaiya bolo tabhi mene kaha kya hum dono sadi kar le “vo muje dekti
>rahi or kaha kese bhaiya hum dono bhai behan he or sub kya kahege”tab mene
>kaha humye citi se chale jaege bolo kya ready ho tab usne kaha lakin hamara
>business tab mene kaha meri jaan mere liye tum se badkar koi nahi he bolo
>SONAL kya kahti ho tab usne kaha BHAIYA jab aap mere liye kuch bhi kar
>sakte ho to me bhi ready hu . or us din se mene pase ekte karne suru kar
>diya or hamara banglow ko girvi rakh kar pasi le liya kisi ko malu nahi
>pada or tab tak me or SONAL chodae
> karte rahe or 8 month ke bad ek din humne chup chap gher chod diya.
>Or BOMBAY me settle ho gaye mene pahle hi andhery me 4 bedroom ka flat le
>liya tha or use ek dam mast furnichar kar liya or ek dam esh ki jindgi meri
>pyari BIWI (SISTER) ke liye kar liya tha or mene ek Private company me
>nokari karli jaha me 5 baje free ho jata hu or hamare pass bahut bank
>balance tha jiski muje bahut income thi or isi tarah meri jindgi gujar ne
>lagi or hum mast rahne lage tabhi meri friendship ek ASHOK or HARISH name
>ke ladke se hue jisme HARISH sadi suda tha or uski biwi ka name Rachna tha
>she is nice female or ashok ki sister thi jiska name SANGEETA tha wo bhi
>SONAL ki trah bahut sunder thi ham kabhi bhi party karte the lakin usme
>dono Female ko malum nahi tha ki hum dono Bhai BEhan he ASHOK or HARISH ko
>malum tha ki SONAL mero SISTER he or mene usse sadi ki he lakin unhone
>kabhi Kisi ko nahi kaha or isi trah hamne 3 saal nikal gaye aaj me 26 saal
>ka hu or SONAL bhi 23 saal ki ho gae he or bahut sexy lag rahi he me uske
>sath bahut kush hu . esi biwi sabki mile
> or sub maje kare jindgi me sirf maje hi maje

Wife and office Staff

Hi friends, here I am again to tell you one of our exclusive experiences. As you know about us, but for the first timers, I will introduce in short. We are a happily married couple, from India. We have been married since 5 yrs now and have enjoyed almost each and every day of our life together. But as you all know every good thing has its own period. If you like a certain dish to eat, you can’t take that daily. One day you get tired and try it in some other way if cannot be changed. Same was our condition. Though we loved each other very much, we started to try some variety in our daily sex life.
We tried lot of variety in sex like, sex on floors, in kitchen, drawing room, etc., but slowly all this started to be a routine. Then I came across few stories in this site about wife sharing. Though it was new, but living in a metropolitan city in India, it was not hard to believe. I started to like more and more stories about wife sharing to read. Then I started to imagine my own wife being shared with some one else. Maybe with known or unknown person. The feeling of her in somebody else arm made me excited. This feeling was very new to me but very charming. I slowly started to narrate my feelings to my wife, Ritu. As expected she immediately withdrew from the idea and also instructed me not think of this again. But I was not able to remove the thought from my mind. It is not that I don’t love my wife. I do love my wife the most than anybody on earth. But this feeling was not ready to leave me. At least I wanted to see her being touched by somebody or doing flirt with somebody. Then I slowly started to ask her wear sexy outfits through which she could reveal to some extent. She liked to wear those kinds of clothes. And then the long awaited day of my life came.
We have our own business in Mumbai. I and Ritu manage our business. We have four staff members. Two engineers, Manoj and Sanjay. One office boy, Kiran. And one office assistant Preeti.
It was summer and we had our annual picnic to go. Ritu is very friendly with office staff. She is always close to them. We planned for a one night stay picnic and decided for an isolated beach.
We hired a open wagon which can accommodate all of us and also our luggage. It was Saturday morning that we started our journey. Ritu was wearing a half white shirt with her lovely blue jeans. She looks more young and sporty in jeans and shirt. Also she knows that I like her very much in that combination. I was driving the car and she was next to me. Manoj and Sanjay were in middle seat and Kiran at the back seat. Preeti could not come to the picnic for her personal reason.
We were enjoying our journey with songs and jokes. Few of the jokes were getting naughty but since we were on picnic I didn’t mind. We reached the beach at around 11 am. The cottage which was hired was fantastic. It had a private entrance to the beach. The water was clean and also the shore. The care taker took our luggage in the room. We had two separate rooms in the cottage. Soon we had our lunch and headed towards the sea.
We all were on the shore when Sanjay, Manoj and Kiran removed their shirts. I saw Ritu looking at their bare chest. Sanjay had better physic than Manoj and Kiran. But still they all had strong chest and arms. They came near to us and said, “Sir, we hope you both don’t mind if we remove our trousers and go inside the water in our briefs.” I said no problem please go ahead and enjoy your self. They looked at Ritu for confirmation. She also nodded in favor and let them go. Then they removed their pants were now only in their micro briefs. Ritu was not able to remove her eyes from their abdomen. They had a small erection, which could be easily seen. They went running inside the water and were now enjoying. I asked Ritu, “Why were you staring at Sanjay?” She just said nothing. But I knew what she was looking at. Then I asked her to change and come inside water to enjoy. She said, “I need to go inside the cottage to change clothes. I will soon come back. Till then you join them and enjoy yourself.”
After some time, when we were enjoying in water, I saw Sanjay suddenly watching at the shore in shock. I wondered and also turned towards the shore to see what happened. I noticed that it was Ritu who gave him a shock. Ritu had returned from the cottage in a beach suit with a long piece of cloth wrapped around her waist, which hardly covered her long sexy legs in that wind. She was looking extremely sexy in that dress. As she entered the water, the cloth came up to her waist leaving her legs bare open. She came near to me and asked, “How do I look now?” That was a big surprise to me. I gave an approval comment to her. Her suit was very tight on her boobs and now because of water one could easily see her nipples through that material. She had kept her hairs open and was now with bare feet. She asked us if she can join the fun in water with us. Now Sanjay and Manoj were more excited to have fun in water.
Since it was an isolated beach, there were no other public than ours. We had a good privacy here. So I did not mind. Slowly Sanjay and Manoj started taking chances to come near to Ritu and try to touch her. We were playing ball game in water. Occasionally I saw Sanjay taking chances to touch Ritu from her back and sometimes on her boobs. At one time he also jumped on her taking her below inside the water, pretending to grab the ball. He took almost 10 seconds to come back out of water. That made me think what took Sanjay so much time to come out of water.

Then after sometime we came out of water and were lying on the shore as we were all tired. Ritu was next to me. I asked her what happened inside the water. She replied, “Sanjay caught me and was holding me inside the water. He was moving his hands on my boobs and on my butt. He was trying to reach inside my suit but I opposed him. So he came up.” I asked her,” Are you comfortable or you wanted to leave now?” She said its ok.
As we were lying on the beach near to each other, all of us men were in our briefs and water made the briefs give its complete shape of each ones dick. Ritu was watching those very carefully. She said look at Sanjay’s underwear. His dick is still in its full erection. He is still feeling me below his body. I asked her do you also want him over you? She just gave me a naughty smile and asked, “If you really want to see me with somebody else, then this is the time or else never again bring up that topic.” I was stunt to hear that. But I knew it was now or never situation. I told her, “Just take it till you are comfortable or else back out.” She said, “Don’t worry darling everything will be fine. You just keep far and enjoy watching us. OK?”
I said to my self that its time for your fantasy to come true. She only needs a small encouragement. But I too did not want to miss that opportunity to see them. So I said to all, ‘Ok folks I will take some rest inside the cottage. Those who want to sit here can continue or else come inside the cottage.” I knew no one was going to follow me leaving this beauty here alone. So I alone headed towards the cottage. Then after some time I came back from the back side of the cottage so that no one was able to see me and hide my self in side the woods. I was able to see my wife, Ritu still lying on the beach next to Sanjay, Manoj and Kiran and talking.
I knew they were not able to make a step towards her since she was wife of their boss. But then it was Sanjay who dared the first step. He slowly put his bare feet on Ritu’s leg. As I knew, Ritu did not gave any negative response to him. So he got some courage and slowly brought his leg towards her thighs. He slid himself near to her. She was lying there on the beach like a mermaid. The cloth had left her bare legs all open. Her long sexy legs ended in her suit near her pelvic. I knew she must have completely shaved for today’s eve. I could see Sanjay’s dick jumping inside his underwear now. He slowly took Ritu’s hand and put on his dick. Her eyes were closed and now she was pressing his dick from his brief. He was moaning with pleasure. Now slowly Ritu inserted her hand inside his brief to touch his manhood physically. I saw Ritu was beating heavily now. Her heart beats were at there peak as this was the first time that she was touching somebody else’s dick in physical. But I know she was surely enjoying. Sanjay removed his brief and was now completely nude. He took Ritu face and put a kiss on her lips. At first Ritu hesitated to respond but then the smell of some other person excited her. She slowly stated to respond him. Their tongue met each other and now there was nothing that could stop them. Sanjay was on top of her and hugging her like anything. Manoj and Kiran came near to them and were watching them both with wide eyes open. From behind the trees I could make out that both Manoj and Kiran had a tough time to wait and watch. I could see Sanjay with his bare ass on top of Ritu, who was still in her complete clothes. Now a fear ran within me. How can I imagine Ritu being complete nude below all of them? My mind started to protest against this evidence but still I was not able to leave my position and disturb them.
Now Sanjay was sitting on top of Ritu and he was holding his dick in front of ritu’s face. Sanjay said, “Madam, we were so much waiting to be near to you. We all had so much crush on you. And now the time has come to bring all our fantasy to reality. Please take my manhood in your mouth and make me satisfied.” Oh no. I could not imagine Ritu taking Sanjay’s dick in her mouth. As at first she never liked my dick to take in her mouth. Even I had to make lot of efforts convincing her to take it in her mouth. And now she had to take his dick in her mouth. But to my surprise, she lovingly took entire dick of Sanjay in her mouth. She was stroking his dick inside her mouth like a professional slut. Sanjay was moaning with pleasure. He now started to scream in pleasure just then he was about to shoot Ritu took his dick out of her mouth and let the stream of cum go along her neck and on the sand. Sanjay fell aside with full satisfaction.
Now Manoj and Kiran were standing there with their underwear still on them but could hardly cover their erection. It seemed as if their dick will tear their brief and come out. Ritu pulled their both’s briefs down to their feet leaving their cock free to air. Manoj said, “ Mam, can we have the pleasure to see you without this bathing suit?” Now I knew Ritu will back off giving some reason. I knew she would never go nude in front of anybody else. She got up and stood in front of them. Now I knew Ritu is going to slap them and make their face red.
She was standing in front of them with her swim suit and the scarf on her waist, which was showing her bare legs, her thighs and her cleavage clearly. Ritu very well knew I won’t leave this chance to see her go naked in front of these horny guys. But this was the first time for her to go nude in open air and that too in front of our own staff.
The thought of my own staff seeing their madam naked made me serious. I started thinking weather all this what was going was correct or wrong? If these three guys start taking liberties in our daily life also? And when I am not around in office, will they make Ritu do what they want to ? But the time to think had already run out of my hands now. But I knew Ritu was completely prepared for this. We could easily remove from their jobs if they start creating nuisance in our private life.
Ritu just gave look behind her. I think she was giving me a last warning. If I had any problem with her going nude in front of them, I should come out of the wood and change the situation. She waited for few moments, may be to take my approval. But I was not able to come out of the woods. The feeling of her removing her suit in front of my staff made my penis erect at its full strength. It was rock hard. And then the moment came for which all of us were waiting.
She let the scarf fall on the sand and then pulled her hands behind her neck where there was a single pin hook of the swim suit. I knew once the hook is unhooked she is going to be complete nude. But I hold my breath and I am sure all those three studs were also now holding their breath. And at last the moment arrived. She unhooked her suit and there it went rolling down to her feet leaving her complete naked on the beach in front of those three studs. She was standing there on the beach sand and all those three studs were admiring her beauty. Their eyes were wide open. Till now they had only seen her in beautiful dresses, Sari, sometimes in sexy out fits. And may be they have imagined her naked in their dreams. Also they might have jacked off in private after seeing her. But today, their entire dream had come to reality. They were seeing her from all direction. And Ritu was moving round showing her complete naked body to them. Her hands were on her head holding her open hairs. Her arm pits were clean shaven same as her rosy pussy. I my self had shaven her private parts a day before the picnic.
Manoj took the first step to touch her beautiful erect breast. He was now caressing her breast with his hands and holding them with utmost care. He slowly took his mouth towards one of her breast and then took one of those red nipple in his mouth.
“Ah “was the first moan from Ritu. This made me come out of that Trans. It reminded me that the woman who was standing complete nude in front of those boys was none other than my own wife. But still I was not able stop them. I think I was waiting for some more to happen.
Sanjay was behind Ritu caressing her buttocks. And Kiran, who was a office boy in our office, and who never ever dared to look in Ritu’s eyes was now touching her bare legs. I could not believe his daring. And while everybody was busy appreciating my wife’s beauty, she looked at my direction and gave me a seductive smile. She was trying to say, Look at your boys on whom you had so much trust. And at times I had left her alone with them whole day in office in my absence. Also, when I use to go out on business tour, Ritu use to manage my office alone. But we never had a slightest doubt on these boys. And to my utmost surprise, Kiran who use to come home, had so much of feeling for my wife.
Sanjay said, “Madam, You have the most beautiful body on earth.” Manoj was saying, “Mam, believe me, I have never seen such a sexy body in my entire life.”
Kiran was shy to say anything. He was just admiring her body with his eyes down. He was not able to stop his feelings but at the same time he was not able to take any more daring steps towards her. Ritu pulled him near to her and said, “ What happened Kiran, Don’t you like this body? Tell me truth. Didn’t you ever looked at me with naughty thoughts in your mind ?” Kiran admitted her words. He said, “Mam, excuse me. But when ever I got a chance to come at your home, I use to get excited. I was then able to see you in your night gown. You looked extremely sexy in that nighty. Also I remember once I got a glimpse of your breast when you were putting some files in my bag. I could not sleep that night unless I had a jack off thinking of you.” I was astonished to hear those words. Now I could recollect the reason Kiran would get excited to come at our home. He always found reasons to come home. But now all the truth was coming out. Ritu said, “But now that I am complete nude in front of you, why are you so shy to come near me and touch me ?” Kiran said ,”Mam you are a very respected woman for me then how can I … “ “Oh kiran don’t worry. Your boss won’t know about this. And that you have admitted everything now then come on and bring your fantasy to reality now.” Saying this Ritu pulled Kiran towards her naked body.
Oh no. Now she was lying on the ground and all these three hungry studs were eating, licking, pressing her. They all were complete nude by now. It was as if I am watching nudist beach. Now they took her into the water. All four of them were inside the water now. Ritu was playing with their cocks and they were playing with her breast, her ass, and every possible part of her body. They were taking complete liberty to touch her where ever they feel. Now they brought her on the sand. She was made to lie on the beach in water below her. I was afraid now. Because I knew what was next. But I wondered if Ritu was prepared for all that now. Or else she can immediately withdraw at any time if she feels uncomfortable.
They came out of water and now she was lying with pleasure on the sands. Manoj came near her. Slowly he moved her fingers all over naked body. Her body was shinning in the sunlight. Her eyes were closed. Both Sanjay and Kiran were standing next to her sleeping body. Manoj was moving his fingers and his lips on her neck, her breast, stomach and down between her thighs. Ritu gave a big moan when he touched her pussy lips with his own lips.
Just then Sanjay asked Manoj to stand up. He whispered something in Manoj’s ears. I did not understand why sanjay asked manoj to withdraw suddenly.
Oh no. Before I could shout and tell Ritu to get up. They both started to pee on her naked body. Ritu was confused too. She opened her eyes to see those three cocks pouring salty water on her face and on her body. Oh no. My wife was made to bath in their pee. This was something most unexpected to both of us. We never thought of this ever. But there was no time for her to get up. They were completely emptying their bladder on her. Her complete body from head to toe was drenched in their water. And then Manoj inserted his wet cock in Ritu’s mouth. “Yes mam we wanted you to be wet in our pee. You always ruled us in your office. But here we will rule you and you husband. You will have to take all of our cock in your mouth and suck them till end.” I knew Ritu did suck my cock also. But she never sucked a wet urine cock of mine ever. She always asked me to clean my cock before going to bed. But now here she was forced to their wet cock. And now she could not come back. She was sucking his cock hardly. She took chances to give small bite on his cock like she use to give me. But then Manoj gave a hard slap on her face and said, “You slut. I told to suck my cock and not to bite.” She was made in a doggy style and Sanjay was holding her ass now. Oh no. Now the ultimate happening. I was ready to interrupt all of them. I could not see them penetrating her. So I rushed on the beach towards them to stop them. But when I went near to them, Sanjay said, “ Sir, just be there where you are. We are not hurting your wife. We are just satisfying our thirst. But if you interrupt us, then we will be forced to rape her.” I saw in Ritu’s eyes. But she only managed to say, “Darling it was you who had this idea, so now just wait and watch your wife being ****ed, sucked by your own staff peoples.” I was very stunt to see all this happening. But then Manoj came near to me and said, “Sir instead of sitting here and watching your wife being ****ed, why don’t you join us ? Let us have fun together.” I was almost hypnotized and doing what ever they were asking me to do.
Ritu was made to lie on her back. Manoj took the charge and was on her top. He tooks his tool and showed in front of her face and said, “Mam have you seen this size before? See how thick it is. And now I am going to tear your lovely pussy and enter inside you.” This was going very cheap. And Ritu gave a nice slap on his face. “Manoj. Are you mad. Don’t you forget that I am your boss’s wife. Don’t you enter me or else we will fire you from your job.” Manoj said, “Mam who cares for the job against this beautiful chance. You are such a beauty to be ****ed that I can sacrifice ten jobs on you.” Saying this he asked Sanjay, “Hold our madam’s hands upwards tightly. She is now going to get a nice **** from me.” Ritu tried to stop him raising her legs. Manoj turned towards me and said, “Sir do you mind holding your wife’s legs tightly so that I can show you how to satisfy a woman? “ I, as directed, pulled her legs down and was holding tightly. Kiran was holding her one leg and me the other. And then Manoj got on top of her. Ritu shouted at me saying, “Dam it. How can you do that to me. How can you see your wife being ****ed by other person? We decided only to flirt and not for complete penetration. ““You are right darling. But now I can’t stop them. Just enjoy the fun as you also were interested in having those gaint cocks inside you.” Said I. And then Manoj with a loud moan made his first entry inside Ritu’s pussy. Ritu also gave a loud moan. And started the series of ****ing my wife one by one. It was as if we had hired a whore for that day. Kiran our office boy also did not skip his chance to enter her. He was not able to look in her eyes but was good enough to bring her to orgasm.
We all were inside water for almost 4 – 5 hrs ****ing Ritu alternately. Almost all positions and variety were practiced on her. What ever came to anybody’s mind was brought to reality.
Ritu never allowed me to enter through rear. Once when tried she cried out of pain. So then onwards we stopped trying through rear. But then today, Sanjay expressed his willingness to enter Ritu from all possible holes. Ritu pleaded him not to enter through rear. But Sanjay and Manoj assured her that there will be no pain. He brought some lubricant from his bag and applied over his dick. It made his dick lubricated and also shinning. Now he applied that lubricant on Ritu’s ass. She was almost crying now imaging what was going to happen. She was made in doggy style and Manoj was holding her ass tightly. Sanjay brought his dick near to her ass and started to apply slow but firm pressure on her ass hole. She was giving louder and louder moans now. I tried to interrupt them but Kiran hold me back saying, “Sir let them enjoy. Even our madam will start enjoying slowly. And as you tell us, there is no gain without pain. So let them do that.” I was watching Ritu’s face which was complete red because of pain. Her eyes were weeping. I went near to her and asked, “Do you want to stop all this now” In reply she said, “Shut up you ****er. They are tearing me apart and you are asking me, “Does that hurt you ?” Watch your wife die out of this pain now.” I just came back to my position and was watching Sanjay, who had now completely entered her from back, and now was stroking her. Slowly Ritu was also enjoying that pleasure (pain) with him. Now Sanjay said to Manoj, “Manoj, while I am entering her from back, you try to enter her from front. Let us give our madam the life time memorable **** today.” Manoj immediately slept below Ritu and entered her from front. They both were now ****ing her simultaneously. She was enjoying the rhythm now. She was saying dirty words now, “ Come on you ****er. **** me out to death now. Your boss is a pimp who has brought his wife as a gift to you. So enjoy yourself and satisfy your thirst.” I felt ashamed now but still could now stop them all. She called Kiran and said, “Why are you standing apart? My mouth is still empty. Don’t you like blowjobs? Bring your dick to my mouth and let me give you a good blowjob.” Now all the three studs were entering her from all possible holes of her. And I was standing there stroking my dick. Till now I mighty have finished my self at least 6 – 8 times. I think that was the highest of my life time stroke rate.
After about 30 mins. They all were finished. Ritu’s face was completely filled with Kiran’s juice. Manoj and Sanjay had also finished and were lying almost dead near Ritu. I can’t imagine Ritu’s condition. For the first time she had all her three holes filled. But now she was crying. But her faced looked complete satisfied today. We all were lying naked, but satisfied on that beach.
I was feeling a big shame inside me, when Ritu came near to me. I could not match her eyes. But for all this she just looked towards me and said, “Thanks darling. You are the most lovable husband on earth. I love you more now. You have given your wife the most enjoyable moments of her life.” I was back to normal listening her words.
On the last day when we were coming back, all the three boys thanked me and said, “Sir, we will never tell this to anybody. You can fire us if you want but from now on we have more respect for you.”
I did not say a word then. But I am still to decide what to do.

Thanx for reading.

Nokar Nay Khub Choda

I am an avid fan of ISS and have read almost all stories on this site. This is my second story. Let me first describe myself to you. I am Sandhya, 26 years old, married, have a one years old son. I stay in Mumbai (India). I am 5 feet 7 inches, fair in colour, more then average looks. My vitals are 38-28-40.,my friends always told me that I should be a model as I had a very sexy body.My parents work due to which they travel alot .In my house apart from me were 4 servants including Sohan who cleans ,Ramu who cooks and 2 drivers Sohan and the drivers come in morning and leave in evening Ramu stay with us.

One day Ramu came to my dad and ask for ****ti as his mother was sick my dad hesitate as there will be no one to take care of food Ramu said " Sahib main ne apne aik door ke bhai ko bola hai woh buhat acha khana banata hai woh meri jagha kaam karega jabtak main wapis na ajao".My dad after listeningto it agreed as he trust Ramu,so Ramu leave for his village and came the new cook his name was Raghu he was around 60 he was very short heighted with a very dark complexion he was bald he told us that his wife died long time ago and has no kids. So Raghu start doing his work as a new cook soon he came in my parents good books due to his work .One day a letter from our previous cook arrived in which he wrote that his mother died and he wont be able to work anymore. So Raghu became our permanent cook ,there was not much work for him as my parents love to stay out at nites and party it was just me to cook for so he took other works in his hands like cleaning the house and one day ask my father that he can clean too as there is not much work in the kitchen so if my dad can ask maid not to come anymore he can easily do her work and my dad not have to pay for 2 workers. My father ask my mom and she said ok if he wants to do maids work let him . So Raghu took over on every work I often noticed that he use to give me strange looks but I never cared.

One day my parents told me they are going on a vication with there friends I was unable to come as my one final paper was left but they told me that after finishing it I can join them in Europe I agreed and they leave the next morning for there holidays now in the hosue it was me and Raghu drivers were also asked to leave as no 1 need them for time being .That day I came back from my college after giving my paper I was feeling very relaxed and free I took shower and ate ,Raghu clean the table and went to his room after watching some Tv I went to my room .It was late nite but I was unable to sleep I went out to get something to eat it was dark in the lobby I saw some lite in the living room I slowly walked towards it and peeked through the door it was Raghu sitting on the floor he was watching tv on which they were showing some adult movie .We have cable system and at nite on most channels the cable guy show adult films ,on tv there was a scene where girl was lying on the bed and aguy was sucking her boobs . The scene on the Tv didnt caught my attention the way Raghu did his lungi was open and he was touching his dick when I saw his dick I freeze where i was as I never saw such a big thing in my life it was semi erect but in that condition it was atleats 10 inch long and it was thick as an elephants trunk for the age of Raghu it was a massive cock I dont know what got into me but I feel like touching Raghus thick long lund.

I was having a tingling feeling between my legs I was thinking that how it will feel to take this giant thing in my hands and isnide me.Most of you must be thinking me crazy that a 20 year old beautiful girl who can have any man she wants why need an old servant like Raghu but at that time. I was so caught up in passion that I was uanble to see clearly.Main jawan thi aur itna bara lund dekh kar mujhe josh char giya tha.I slowly crept back into my bed and that whole nite I made plans how to have sex with Raghu. Next mroning Istart working on my plan I called my parents and told them that I wont join them as I have plans with my friends and I might go with them for a holiday so they can have fun, after taking care of that I start bringing my next plan in action as I have noticed that Raghu sometimes stare at me so i guessed he is ineterseted in me but was scared to do antying as he might get fired ,from next mroning I started to stay at home I msotly wore very tight and fitted clothes with deep necks in which my body looks very sexy .

When ever Raghu works in kitchen I would go there as I need something to eat or drink most time I noticed Raghu looking at my boobs some times when he will be cooking I will go and stand very close to him pretended to watch what he was doing.
In my next step of plans i stop wearing any bras under my clothes so whenever I walk they bounce like two heavy balls. At dinner time I moslty use to wear my nite suits which were ok in the begining but than gradually they become shorter and shorter.I was trying to make Raghu as frustrated as I could so he will come to me by himself. One nite when it was dinner time I wore a very lite pink nighty which was see thro my big boobs were visible from it and went outside.

I sit on the chair Raghu start serving dinner I noticed he was very nervous as he was keep on looking at my body I asked Raghu that if he didnt ate he can come and sit on the table with me and have dinner he hesitated at first than agreed I noticed that he will slwoly rub his dick when ever get chance he was getting horny by the sight. We both start eating my mind was working fast I aksed Raghu that if he could pass me the dish which was full of hot curry he pass me the big bowl now here I had to act quickly I hold the dish but act as it slips from my hand the hot food fall on the table and some of it dropped on my clothes I acted as I got burned .Raghu was stunned what happened .Maine jadli se apni nighty uttari and was fully naked now .Raghu came qucikly towards me and asked if I was ok I said that I think I got some burns,he said "Mem sahib I will take you to your room where you can put an ointment" . He than took me in my room he brought a cream and ask if he can put it on at that timeI had covered my slef with a chaddar I said yes he than start applying it on my shoulder he than ask where else I got burned I told him on my thighs he slowly put his hand under the chaddar now he was massaging my thighs my eyes were closed but I could feel his shaking hands on my thigh going up and down I opened my eyes and saw that he was enjoying it too I could see the hunger of sex in his eyes he was rubbing his cock from the top of his lungi slowly he said

"Memsahib aur kaha lagaoo?" I said Raghu "Thora aur ooper buhat jalan horahi hai" he moved his hands more towards my pussy I could feel his hand some inches away from my wet cunt.I was enjoying it thoroughly. I asked Raghu to put some cream on my chest I removed my blanket and once again was completely naked in front of him he slowly put some cream in his hand and start massaging my breasts he was getting bolder and squeezing them gently my cunt was getting wet I could see he was ready to join me in bed any second . I asked him to massage some more ointment on my thighs he bring his hands down and start massaging my inner thighs he was now touching my cunt I could feel his hands on my soft shaved pussy Raghu was getting bolder now he start playing with my clit and insert one finger in my cunt I said "Yeh kiya kar rahe ho he said 'Mem sahib app buhat sunder hai main apke badan ko dekhna chata hoon usse choona chata hoon"I was enjoying it so much I just closed my eyes and sighed with pleasure . I knew that he was a villager and must be very raw with sex. I bring him on top of me and he start sucking my boobs he was sucking him like a hungry child sucks his mothers breast my nipples were fully erect nowhe than stand and removed his clothes and join me again in bed

I slowly pushed him down towards my pussy he knew what I want and start licking it. till now my cunt was full of my juices,Raghu meri choot buhat taizi se chaat raha tha sometimes he slowly bites it or kiss it I was maoning uncontorllably . I was holding Raghus head between my legs I was thrusting his face hard into my pussy at one time he thrusts his tongue deep in my pussy hole and I screamed with pleasure my moanings were becoming louder AHHHHHHH UMMMMMM. Meri awaz sunkar woh aur josh main akar meri choot chatne laga . After a while I start moving fast I was ready to come Raghu start licking me harder and faster and than with a large maon I came I thrust Raghus face deep in my pussy and hold him thightly there I was moving my pussy up and down like I was ****ing his face voices of pleasure were coming out of my mouth AHHHHHH I sighed .

He came up and said "Memsahib apki choot buhat naram hai aur uska maza bhi lajawab hai" I said "Raghu ab yeh choot tumhari hai tumhain jo karna hai tum iska karo".He than ask me to suck his lund which was fully erect I obliged him and start sucking his massive pole. I was licking it and sucking it as it was huge ice cream cone. I was slowly caressing his balls with my other hand I keep on sucking him and licking him all over his dick .Uske moo se dabi dabi siskariyan nikal rahi thi AHHH he moaned after 30 minutes of good sucking he start to moan loud. I knew than that he is about to cum .I start to suck him faster and tried to took his pole all in my mouth and after few minutes he came . He emptied his load in my mouth my mouth was full of his juices. He came for about 1 minuteand I greedily drink all of it I kissed him and said that he was wonderful .

After sucking Raghus dick I was again horny and was now ready for good long love session. Raghu sucked my boobs for some time than licked my cunt I was again soaking wet.He than open my legs he asked "Mem sahib kiya apko kissi ne phele choda hai ?"I said "Nahi Raghu tum phele marad ho jo meri choot main jaoge " Yeh sunne ke baad woh josh se pagal hogiya as he never imagined that a person like him will have sex with a girl like me and on that she will be a virgin. He slowly rub his dick against my cunt I sighed with pleasure .Raghu than slowly thrust his lund in me .Meri aik cheekh nikli .I said, "Raghu tumhara lund itna bara hai yeh mere under kaise jayega meri choot to phat jayegi".He said "Mem sahib thori takleef phir maza bhi ayega".He than thrust some more of his dick in my pussy I screamed again atleats 2 inch of his dick was in me now and still 8 inches to go .HE stayed there for a while and when saw that I am use to it and again moaning with pleasure he again give a thrust I screamed again with pain.He stopped again and start sucking my boobs at the same time he was slowly moving his dick in and out which was 4 inches in me.

After a while I started to enjoy again he was sucking my boobs hungrily and at the same time he was thrusting his massive pole in me like that inch by inch he thrust all of his dick in me he stayed there for a while than took half of his dick out from my pussy and give a large thrust I screamed with pain my cunt was full of blood .Raghu stayed still for a while than he started to caress and suck my boobs ,he was kissing on my lips and my neck he was slowly moving in and out of my pussy and at the same time was thrusting deeper and deeper. I was still in pain but he didnt stopped and keep on moving in and out. After a while I started to enjoy it again.I was maoning loudly with pleasure but there was no 1 to listen as whole house was empty "AHHHHHHHHHHH Raghu" I said I was enjoying it throughly .

Mujhe buhat maja araha tha Raghu ne ab zor se dhake marne shro kardiye the,woh mujhe buhat bedardi se chod raha tha .Mere mummay uske moon main the jinhe woh khoob zor zor se choos raha tha usne unhe choos choos kar laal kardiya tha aur saath hi woh meri khoob chudai kar raha tha main bhi khoob neeche se dhake mar rahi thi.Usse mujhe chodte hue kewal 45 minute hogaye the lekin woh abhi tak nahi jhara tha main 45 minute main 4 baar jhar chuki thi.Lekin woh ruk nahi raha tha aur khob zor se meri chudai main laga hua tha kamre main humdono ki zor zor ki siskariya aur aahain aur chudai ki awaz goonj rahi thi AHHHHHHH ,UMMMMMMMM .Meri choot bilkul geeli hogayi thi aur chudai karte samay khoob chap chap ki awaz arahi thi.Hum dono josh se pagal horahe the aur khob zor zor se sikariya aur ahhain bhar rahe the.Maine Raghu ke ****tar ko apne dono taango se pakar liya aur zor se dhakke marne lagi uske dono haath mere ****tar ke neeche the aur moon main mere mummay hum dono paseeney main naha rahe the lekin rukne ka naam nahi le rahe the.

Kewal 1 ghante bad Raghu ne apni raftar tej kardi aur khoob taiji se mujhe chodne laga main samajh gayi ke woh ab jharne wala hai main bhi khoob jor se dhake marne lagi thori der main uske moon se josh se awaz nikalne lagi main bhi jharne wali thi aur khoob zor se awaz nikal rahi thi phir Raghu ne aik zor ka dhakka mara aur apni lund gherai tak mere under daldi maine usse zor se apni baahon main jakar liya hum dono jhar gaye the .Raghu ne apna sara pani meri choot main nikal diya meri choot uske pani se bhar gayi thi.Woh mere oper let kar ghere sans lene laga . After some rest he got up and went to kitchen he than brought some milk fruits and other eating stuff.We both were hungry after our very long love session so we ate and become reenergized again.

Raghu than opened my legs and put ice cream on it and licked my cunt.Ussne phir mujhe ghori banne ko kaha aur ghori banaker choda kewal 30 minute tak woh mujhe ghori banaker chodta raha jismain main 2 bar jhari .Uske baad ussne mujhe seedha kiya aur khud let kar mujhe apne ooper bitha diya .Now I was riding him like he was a horse.Main khob zor zor se Raghu ke lund per ucchal rahi thi ussne mere dono ****tar neeche se pakre hue the aur khob jor jor se mujhe uper neeche kar raha tha.Main dobara jharne wali thi maine apni raftar tej kardi AHHHHHHHHHHH "Raghu main jharne wali hoon AHHHH UMMMMMMMMMMMM ,main josh se zor zor se siskariya bhar rahi thi aur jitna josh se chilla sakti thi chilla rahi thi poore kamre main meri aahain goonj rahi thi lekin mujhe kuch hosh nahi tha AHHHHHHH Raghu main jhar rahi hoonnnnnnnnnnn ummmmmmm aahhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh ."And than I came. Meri choot pani se bhar gayi thi aur meri gand aur jhanghain bhi geeli hogayi thi Main Raghu ke lund per zor zor se hilne lagi aur jitna jhar sakti thi jhari koi jharne k 10 minute baad bhi main uske lund per ucchalti rahi .Raghu ne mujhe phir apni gaud main utthaiya aur mujhe deewar se laga kar khara kardiya ussne meri taangain apne ****tar ke gird karne ko kaha aur mujhe deewar se laga kar chodne laga meri baahain uske gird thi aur maine uske ****tar ko taango se pakra hua tha usne mere mummay apne moon main dabaye aur dhake marne laga usse mujhe bilkul deewar se chipkaiya hua tha aur dhappa dhap dhakkeemar raha tha.Ussne mujhe different positions main sari raat choda woh jharne ke kareeb hota to positon badal leta aur phir chodna shro hojata main sari raat buhat bar jhari.

Main sari raat usse chudwati rahi woh koi subha ke kareeb jaker jhara aur apna sara juice mere under nikal diya.We both than went to sleep with his dick inside me.Next day we woke up eat breakfast took shower together we have nothing to worry as there was no 1 to come at the house.Most of the time we stayed naked .Din main woh apne kaam karta aur kaam se faarigh hoker woh sari raat mujhe chodta .Kabhi woh mujhe poora din chodta rheta aur rukta nahi.It was surprising that at the age of 60 Raghu was really good in sex and had an appetite in sex of 4 young 20 year old boys,he never had problem in erection and would **** me nonstop when ever he wanted .

Aik din ussne mujhe terrace main raat ke waqat sitaro ke neeche choda he always bring or think of something new which will make me hungry for him more.My parents reutrned after 2 months ,uss samay tak Raghu mujhe din raat chodta raha.
Raghu still work for us and is still my lover its strange that i never thought of having any other guy apart from him as my lover as he satisfies me completely I am addicted to his dick ,my parents still go for long trips and than we both havesex crazily for all day and nites.

I hope you liked my story , readers its completely true and hope you guys enjoyed it I will sent other sexual experience with Raghu soon which happened when I went for a trip with him till than bye.